This is what you should do when the Seedbox slows down

One of the main reasons you get a Seedbox is to speed up your online activities. It offers an exceptional speed when you are downloading and uploading files, with other benefits like a perfect ratio, privacy and convenience. All this can be in vain when your server is running slower than usual; you won’t be able to get things done on time. It’s natural to be concerned when your speed suddenly starts slowing down, especially when you are suing a private server.  The upload speed on your box depends on several factors; short network fluctuations may be the main reason for a poor network connection for a short period of time. In this case, they can stabilize in a few minutes or so. You can use your statistics to monitor your speed connections. This will help you check out the daily speed, and monitor the fluctuation rates.

One of the few things that may cause your speed to fluctuate is the torrent demand or peer to peer transfers on the tracker.  It can cause a decline in speed for a couple of days, which can be quite frustrating. During a fresh seeding, the demand is usually higher than usual. Your BitTorrent client responds by trying to connect and seed the data as much as it can, but this may take a while. In a few days, the peers become seeders and the demand decreases while the availability increases, leading to a slower network.  Another important factor to check on is the downtime of your tracker’s services. The downtime is not necessarily the unavailability of the tracker.  Most times, you will only experience this issue for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that the hardware on that server may work with limitations. This is a temporary issue that you may experience once in a while but if it persists, you can contact the service owners.

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